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Alcohol Free Drinks

We understand that sometimes you can't or don't want to drink alcohol for a number of reasons.  That shouldn't stop you from enjoying a delicious alcohol free beer, cider or alcohol free spirit.  Feel free to suggest more of your favorite alcohol-free items to us.  Email or DM us on Facebook or Instagram @kogodliquors.


Bourbon & Rye

Bourbon and Rye

Buy Local, Drink Local

Here at Kogod Liquors, we consider ourselves lucky to be surrounded by so many talented breweries, distillers and wineries.  Historically, DC people have considered Yuengling to be a local brewer so we set our local limit to 150 miles.



Constellations Concert “Bon Voyage” Collection

Constellations Concert “Bon Voyage” Collection

We are excited to partner with Contellations Chamber Concerts for the upcoming concert “Bon Vonyage en France” on July 12th.  We will be donating 10% of the sales from this “Bon Voyage” Collection to Constellations Chamber Concerts.  


Chartogne-Taillet St Anne Cuvee Brut 

Chateau Rouanne "Vinsobres" 

Gaspard Sauvignon Blanc 

Secateurs Rose 2018

Curated Cases

Let the Kogod team build you a perfect case (or two). Decide whether you want 6, 12, or 24 bottles and we'll put together a curated assortment of our favorite wines (with built in discount pricing). Feel free to leave any preferences in the purchase notes, otherwise we'll do a mix of orange, white, red, rosé, and some surprises. European, South American, Californian, Australian, it's all game.


Hard Seltzer & Cider


Natural Wines

Natural Wines

Natural wines are a group of wines that were farmed and made with as little human intervention as possible.  Think of it as the stark opposition and defiance to anti-agricorporation that wine industry has turned to.  

New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov defines it as ““wines that are made with an absolute minimum of manipulation: grapes grown organically or in rough approximation, then simply set forth along an unforced path of fermentation into wine, with nothing added and nothing taken away.”  All this means is that you will get a lot more flavors that might have been “edited” out previously by different methods of farming or winemaking.  Think of natural wines as the wine it used to be made, before all the Instagram like filters were applied to present the wines with a certain “look.”

We at Kogod Liquors believe that there is room for everyone’s palate and cellars for natural wines.  Some are funky, yes.  However, a bulk of natural wines just taste better.  


Need to Price Out

Ready to price

New and Notable

These are items we are excited to introduce to you at our store.  We will feature seasonal items as well items that are on sale.

NP Donations

On Sale

Premium Wines

These are special occasion wines, whether it is to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, promotion, or just a nice evening with great food and friends.


Rare Whiskies

Red Wine

Redemption Whiskeys Sale

All Redemption lineup is on sale.  This includes Bourbon, Rye, and High Rye Bourbon.  

Redemption Bourbon: 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% malted barley gives this bourbon a sweet vanilla and caramel note while maintaining some spice from the rye. 

Redemption Rye: 95% rye and 5% malted barley aged 2.5 years in new charred oak barrels

Redemption High-rye Bourbon: 60% corn, 36% rye 4% malted barley.  Perfect for your classic cocktails that needs both spice and sweetness from the bourbon. 

Rosé Everyday!

Rosé Everyday!

Rosé wines are refreshing, versatile and diverse.  Everyday is a rosé day, especially when the weather gets hot and steamy like it does in Washington DC during the summer months.


Sale Sale Sale

Everyone loves a sale. Enjoy these savings on items that we love and drink ourselves. 


Scotch Whisky


Soft Drinks

Sodas, energy drinks, mixers and juice.


Sparkling wine

Let's add some sparkles to the life. This section includes all kinds both traditional and tank method sparkling wines from all over the world. 


Staff Picks - Bottle Service

Staff Wine Picks


Tobacco Products

Top Shelf SMSW

Single Malt Scotch Whiskey



A bottle of cold H2O. We have them in various sizes, packs and both still and sparkling.


White Wine